Chess Tactics for Beginners

Black-and-white image of chess pieces on a chess board.

As a beginner, I was first taught to always focus on developing my pieces and castling my king, so that I would come out of the opening phase with a decent position. Like any beginner, I didn’t have much trouble with that part; time and time again, I would develop my knights and bishops, and … Read more

Chess Game of the Century

A chess set with pieces in the starting position in dim lighting.

Who is the greatest chess player of all time? Some say Garry Kasparov, many say Magnus Carlsen, but a lot of people would strongly argue that Bobby Fischer tops the list. The game we are about to explore is a driving force behind this sentiment many chess enthusiasts share. While The Immortal Game highlights the … Read more

Best Chess Game of All Time

Chess pieces arranged in a circle. The White king falls and the Black queen stands.

The rich game of chess is way more than a millennium old. Over the course of more than 1500 years, there have been many clashes of titans, many great brains going head to head (no pun intended.) The discussion on which game tops the list as the best chess game of all time has been … Read more

Beat the London System

White chess pieces with black pieces in the background.

The London System is one of the most prevalent openings in chess. In my article about the London System, I discussed how its simple and systematic nature make it a particularly attractive choice for beginners and intermediate players. This popularity means that if you’re playing with the Black pieces, it’s very likely that you will … Read more

Phases in a Chess Game

A game of chess can be divided into three phases. The avid chess player knows that there is plenty of theory pertaining to how each of these phases should be approached. In this article, we will explore in detail the three phases in a chess game, shedding light on their characteristics, key principles, and the transitions … Read more

Where to Play Chess Online

Chess players of all levels now have the opportunity to play, learn, and compete from the comfort of their own homes or anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you’re a seasoned grandmaster or a beginner just starting your chess journey, the online chess world offers a vibrant and accessible community where you can sharpen your … Read more

How to Punish Scholar’s Mate

A black king chess piece falling after being hit by a white queen chess piece.

Checkmate is the ultimate goal in any chess game. There are probably only a few things in this world capable of spiking your dopamine more than checkmating your opponent in a game of chess. Your first checkmate is definitely a memorable moment in your life, which begs the following question: What is the first checkmate … Read more

Learn the Italian Game

When I first got into chess, I was told to always start with 1. e4 and then develop my knight and bishop. I’m pretty sure this is also the case for pretty much every chess newbie. The classic chess opening that typically starts with these moves is called the Italian Game. In my opinion, it … Read more

What is a Gambit – Full Explanation

The Queen’s Gambit took the world by storm and introduced masses of people to the world of chess. While the miniseries had many watch it purely for the drama, it got some people thinking: What is a gambit? Fueled by the famous miniseries or not (I personally haven’t watched it), if you would like to … Read more

Learn the London System

A chess player sitting in front of a chess board and moving a white piece.

In order to start climbing up the Elo ranks in the chess world, you should definitely have a few chess openings in your repertoire. As a beginner or early intermediate, knowing only a few openings will do the job. One of the most prevalent openings to study early on in your chess journey is the London … Read more