When Should You Avoid Castling in Chess?

A close-up view of a chessboard showing a castled king next to its rook.

Avoid castling when your opponent has a pawn storm marching towards your intended castle-side or many pieces pointing towards it. You should also not castle if you’ve pushed a few pawns on the side you’re planning to castle on. Moreover, if you have an aggressive attack brewing, you should delay castling as it would lose … Read more

How to Handle Time Pressure in Chess

An analog chess clock next to a chess set.

The concept of time controls adds a layer of complexity to chess, which is already an intellectually demanding game. It’s one thing to find the best move on the board, but a whole other thing doing so under the pressure of a ticking clock. Time pressure squeezes decision-making time, often leading to intense situations where … Read more

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Chess Set

A ray of sunlight shining on an elegant wooden chess set.

Choosing the perfect chess set isn’t just about the pieces or the board. It’s about finding a set that resonates with your love for the game, with an awareness of what you need to enhance your skills. Selecting the right chess set is a personal journey, intertwining practicality and aesthetic appeal. It can influence the … Read more

Premoving in Online Chess – All You Need to Know

Premoving a queen-and-king checkmate.

In the lightning-fast world of online chess, seconds can separate victory from defeat. Therefore, the art of premoving emerges as a powerful weapon in your arsenal. This guide gives you everything you need to know about premoves in online chess. We’ll explain how to enable premoves on Chess.com, discuss the strategic edge of premoves, and … Read more

How to Win When You’re Down a Queen

A chessboard on top of which is an image indicating that your opponent is up a queen.

In the game of chess, the queen reigns supreme as the most powerful piece on the board. For this reason, losing a queen is a significant setback that very often decides the outcome of the game; realistically speaking, the advantage of being up a full queen is so devastating that it should always lead to … Read more

Fork vs Double Attack: Know the Difference

A few chess pieces placed randomly on a chessboard.

The game of chess is a realm of strategy and tactics. In my guide to chess tactics for beginners, I explained and illustrated the three essential tactics: forks, pins, and skewers, shedding light on how these maneuvers can decide the course of a game. Many chess enthusiasts are unaware of the difference between forks and … Read more