The Chess Store Review – Full Evaluation

Chess pieces manufactured by The Chess Store.

Established in 1999, The Chess Store is one of the largest chess retailers in the world, specializing in Staunton wood chess sets as well as thousands of other chess products. The Chess Store has established itself as a renowned and reputable name in the world of chess, and has been a destination for chess enthusiasts … Read more Premium Review – Worth it?

Elegant, white chess pieces with the logo on top. is the go-to hub for chess enthusiasts to boost their skills, challenge opponents from a vast and diverse community of over 100 million members around the world, and enjoy friendly competitions with friends and family. In my article about, I explained in depth why it stands as the premier online chess platform. If … Read more

Remote Chess Academy Review – Worth it?

GM Igor Smirnov posing with chess pieces - Remote Chess Academy

In my pursuit of online chess learning resources, I have stumbled upon various academies, websites, and YouTube channels. One name that has a lot of presence in the online chess world is the Remote Chess Academy, founded by Grandmaster (GM) Igor Smirnov. This academy is an online platform that offers a comprehensive and structured approach to … Read more