Every Illegal Move in Chess – A Complete Guide

A chess player getting arrested after playing an illegal move in a chess tournament.

This is the complete list of illegal chess moves: 1. Moving a Piece off the Board2. Moving a Piece Beyond Its Allowed Range3. Capturing Your Own Pieces4. Moving a Nonexistent Piece5. Moving a Piece Through Occupied Squares6. Putting Your Own King in Check7. Ignoring a Check8. Invalid Castling9. Invalid En Passant10. Invalid Promotion I encourage … Read more

Is Reading Chess Books Really Worth It? (Full Answer)

Sunglasses on top of a book placed next to a chess set.

Reading a chess book in an active and engaged manner can lead to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the game. However, it’s important to know that not every chess book will suit your individual needs and, depending on your current level, you may be better off delaying reading books until a later stage … Read more

Should You Stop Playing Bullet Chess? (The Full Picture)

A digital chessboard with the "Bullet Chess" icon in the centre.

Bullet chess is very fun and can help you sharpen your tactical intuition, but for more consistent and long-term improvement in your chess game, it’s important to integrate longer time controls into your practice. Longer games force you to engage in thoughtful analysis and calculation — skills that are the foundation of chess mastery. The … Read more

When Should You Avoid Castling in Chess?

A close-up view of a chessboard showing a castled king next to its rook.

Avoid castling when your opponent has a pawn storm marching towards your intended castle-side or many pieces pointing towards it. You should also not castle if you’ve pushed a few pawns on the side you’re planning to castle on. Moreover, if you have an aggressive attack brewing, you should delay castling as it would lose … Read more

Can You Improve at Chess by Just Playing a Lot?

A person playing online chess on their iPad.

Many chess enthusiasts wonder if playing a lot of online games is all they need to improve. The world of chess is vast, and it can be very easy to get overwhelmed by the plethora of things to learn: openings, tactics, strategies, endgames, positional understanding, pawn structure, and the list goes on. In our quest … Read more

How to Handle Time Pressure in Chess

An analog chess clock next to a chess set.

The concept of time controls adds a layer of complexity to chess, which is already an intellectually demanding game. It’s one thing to find the best move on the board, but a whole other thing doing so under the pressure of a ticking clock. Time pressure squeezes decision-making time, often leading to intense situations where … Read more