How to Play Chess for Beginners

The world of chess is very broad. In fact, it is commonly held that there are more possible chess positions than atoms in the observable universe! For this reason, the game of chess is continuously evolving and there are always new variations to explore and new chess puzzles to solve. While that may seem daunting, … Read more

Algebraic System Chess Notation

If you’ve ever tried reading a chess book or some documented form of a chess match, you have likely stumbled upon weird-looking combinations of letters, numbers, dashes, plusses, and hashtags. Fear not, this is no magic spell. Rather, it is the algebraic system chess notation. In this article, we will delve into the world of … Read more

Chess Elo Rankings – A Full Breakdown

If you have recently gotten into the chess world, then you have likely heard the term Elo quite a few times. “What’s your Elo?” is probably the first question chess enthusiasts (or even established players) ask each other. In this guide, I provide an in-depth explanation of what chess Elo rankings are, how they work, … Read more

About Yusuf – Founder

Hello and welcome! My name is Yusuf, founder of the ChessWisdom website and experience. I’m a recent high-achieving electrical engineering graduate with a lifelong passion for chess. While my journey into the world of chess as a serious hobby began in December 2022 (during the big chess boom), my love for this timeless game has been … Read more